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Offer a great value, clean and convenient alternative to traditional firewood. A typical pallet of wood briquettes will contain around 5000Kwh of energy, 50% more than the energy content of one of our 2m Kiln Dried firewood crates, but at a comparable cost! Briquettes deliver greater energy density due to their lower moisture content and greater density, this combined with their convenient packaging format makes wood briquettes the ultimate contender for high value heat generation.
A great alternative to wood briquettes is Burlyburn, a product that is produced and manufactured in Cornwall.
It is 100% Miscanthus (Elephant Grass) and produces a lovely flame and provides plenty of heat.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are a compressed form of woody biomass used as an eco-friendly, low carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels. As a source of renewable energy wood pellets provide the ultimate, sustainable, high quality and price stable fuel. Our wood pellets are also great when used as bedding for horses, super absorbent with little or no dust.
The ENPlus A1 certification and the BSL sustainability authorisation attached to all of our pellets guarantees the high quality and sustainable nature of all the wood pellets we provide, Trusty Logs Ltd is proud to supply a top quality wood pellet product.


We stock a full range of accessories, whether you need a log basket, a log store, a companion set or a moisture meter we have got you covered.
These are available for delivery with your firewood order or at any time of your choosing. All accessories are delivered FREE to mainland UK, please select local delivery at checkout when ordering accessories.

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