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At Trusty Logs, we believe in being totally honest and offering a pricing system which is fair and excellent value for money. All work is guaranteed and fully insured.

It is fair to say that all chimneys are different in one way or another, so here we have tried, as far as reasonably possible, to provide a pricing structure that is totally transparent so there’s no unexpected surprises.

The chimney sweeping industry is still, surprisingly unregulated, so don’t assume you will be getting this same high quality guaranteed service elsewhere.

Please see below our Service and Pricing details as well as our Terms & Conditions:

Domestic Chimney Sweeping – subject to postcode-£60 per each standard sized flue serving normal open fires and lined stoves found in most domestic properties. (We are always happy to offer a discount for multiple sweeps within the same or neighbouring properties, (i.e. 2 or more sweeps). This price is the same whether it is a single or two storey property etc. This service includes a prior visual inspection, a full chimney sweep carried out to the code of practice, and the issuing of an industry-recognised Certificate of Chimney Sweeping from The National Association Of Chimney Sweeps which is also recognised by most leading household insurers. Lined multi fuel stoves/woodburners and lined/unlined open fires are all included within this scope and includes a smoke evacuation check as part of the process. Please note that if, during the sweep, we discover a bird’s nest, then its removal is an extra chargeable service (see details below).

Unlined Stoves – subject to postcode – from £75 These are multi-fuel stoves/woodburners which can only be swept through openings/removable hatches on the register plate (this is the large sheet of metal which stops you being able to look up the chimney), or by removing the flue pipe to access the chimney. These appliances do not have a continuous length of flue liner attached to the flue pipe. The reason this service is a little more expensive is because it takes us longer to carry out the work as the soot is more difficult to remove as it gets lodged on the plate above the chimney opening. The same certificate of chimney sweeping will be issued on completion as well as a smoke evacuation check. If you are unsure whether your appliance is lined or unlined, we would quote worst case scenario. Please note that if, during the sweep, we discover a bird’s nest, then its removal is an extra chargeable service (see details below).

Pre- appliance Installation Sweep– subject to postcode -from £75 This service takes place before a new appliance is fitted. This is to ensure the flue is clear of any remaining soot deposits and, if a liner is being fitted, confirms both a clear passage and determines the length of the flue which is invaluable information for the person carrying out the installation work. This information will be detailed on the chimney sweeping certificate. If instead, your flue is going to be permanently closed off, this service will reduce the risk of damp and staining within the chimney caused by any residual soot deposits in the flue. Please note that if, during the sweep, we discover a bird’s nest, then its removal is an extra chargeable service (see details below).

Large Inglenook Open Fire Sweeping Service – subject to postcode -from £90 depending on the size of the opening into the room. Normally this is a fireplace opening over 3ft in width. Please note that if, during the sweep, we discover a bird’s nest, then its removal is an extra chargeable service (see details below).

Bird’s Nest Removal – subject to postcode – from £80 – £150. This process is carried out using our specialist power assisted chimney sweeping equipment which can remove all nests with minimum disruption, and has no impact on the structure of the flue. All nest removals include a standard none recording CCTV “Look & See” inspection to confirm that the flue is clear of debris. Upon completion, we would recommend fitting bird proofing/or a suitable terminal to the chimney pot to prevent nesting happening again. We are HETAS registered to fit terminals suitable for all wood and solid fuel appliances. Please note that during the nesting season where there are live birds within the flue, (usually from late April until September), it may be very unlikely we can touch the chimney until the birds have flown the nest. This is in accordance with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Special circumstances may apply, which we are happy to discuss.

Chimney Terminals/Bird Proofing – fitting charge from £50 plus the cost of your chosen terminal. Depending on the type of appliance and chimney pot will determine which type of terminal would be suitable for the installation.

Stove Servicing and Maintenance –  We offer the following as part of this service:-

Stove rope replacement (single door) – from £15
Stove rope replacement (double door) – from £25
Glass fitting service (Excludes price of glass) – from £20
Flue pipe re-rope/fire cement (only as part of a sweep) – from £15
Black stove polish (only available as part of a sweep) – from £25
Stove Pipe Thermometers – from £18
Wood Moisture Meters – from £25

We can also supply new stove glass, fire grates/bars, ashcans, fire bricks and baffle/throat plates. Whilst we do carry a range of stock on the vehicle, some items will need to be specially ordered from the suppliers. Prices vary depending on the make and model of the appliance. With glass replacement, it may not be possible to remove the retaining screws/clips that hold the glass in place due to deterioration caused by either the fuel or heat. In such circumstances this may require the door(s) having to be taken into our workshop for specialist work. – Please enquire for more details.

Smoke Integrity Testing (Smoke Test 1) – subject to postcode – from £195. This service is designed to determine whether a chimney is in a suitable condition to accept a working appliance. The chimney requires sealing off at the top of the stack, (which may require additional access equipment depending on access to the chimney), and at the bottom of the fireplace opening. The chimney is then filled with smoke by use of either a smoke generating machine or suitable smoke pellets, which will show up leaks into the property/ through the chimney stack if there are any faults. Effectively this is like a pressure test on the flue. This service is normally carried out when a previously unused chimney is being brought back into use, if a chimney fire has been reported, if you are purchasing a new property with a chimney and need to know it’s condition or if a new appliance is being installed. The chimney must be fully swept prior to carrying out this integrity test.

Please note this procedure is a full integrity test and will require access to all rooms above where the chimney passes through the property if it is an internal chimney system. Access to any neighbouring/adjoining property if on a party wall may also be required on the day of the test, which will need to be arranged prior to arrival. May we respectfully point out and make you aware that by lighting a smoke pellet and standing outside looking up at the chimney watching the smoke come out of the chimney pot does not constitute an Integrity Test/Smoke Test 1. That procedure is simply a Smoke Evacuation Check which only confirms the flue is clearing the smoke to the outside.

One point to mention though, most new modern clean burning stoves require the chimney to be relined as part of the installation, so if you are having a new appliance fitted, check first with your installer prior to having this test done, as it may not be required and therefore may only need to have a pre-appliance installation chimney sweep carried out, thus saving you money.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm(s) supplied and fitted – £50 each, or £25 if we are already at your property carrying out another service. We carry stock on the vehicle. All units have a sealed battery with a minimum 7 year life span and meet the requirements of BSEN;50291

Chimney lining & Stove Installations
Prices available subject to on-site free survey. Please enquire for more details.

Terms & ConditionsPlease Read Carefully
Gas Fires: Some flues serving gas fires may be swept without the need to move the appliance. This is usually identifiable by looking up the chimney and being able to see into the void area directly above the gas fire exposing either brickwork or a flue liner. If, however you cannot see this void, it usually means the appliance needs to be disconnected before gaining access to the flue.

This work MUST only be carried out by a registered gas engineer.

Attendance Fees – In the event upon arrival we are unable to sweep a chimney or appliance due to access issues, inappropriate installation or for other reasons, we do reserve the right to charge a standard £20 attendance fee. This will include detailed advice on the nature of any fault(s), suggested remedial actions and, where relevant, completion of appropriate industry documentation.

Missed Appointments – An attendance fee of £20 will be applied if, upon arriving for a scheduled appointment, we are unable to gain access to a property for any given reason. To reschedule or cancel appointments, we respectively ask you please call either 01872 321585 or 07983 852803 by 6pm the day prior.  A voicemail, email or text message is also an acceptable alternative method of contact.

Methods of Payment – We accept cash, card, cheques or bank transfer payments. All payments are due upon completion of works on the day, unless a prior arrangement is in place.

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