1/2 Pallet of Platinum Plus Wood Pellets



Going back to our wood pellet roots, Platinum Plus was where we started,

Half a pallet of premium quality Platinum Plus wood pellets.

Ideal for horse bedding and burning.

32 x 15kg bags.

The wood pellets we supply are manufactured from a particularly high grade of source material – this makes these one of the lightest coloured wood pellets available. These wood pellets are suitable for use as wood pellet horse bedding (horse bedding pellets) or in modern pellet boilers. Our wood pellets have a very high calorific value for use in wood pellet boilers.

Please ensure you use the correct VAT rate for your purchase.

We’re confident that you will be impressed.

Sourced exclusively from FSC certified wood.

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These Platinum Plus 6mm wood pellets are packaged in 15kg bags with 32 bags per half pallet. These wood pellets do hold an ENPlus A1 certification, and they really are very good, promise, for both bedding and burning. This range of Platinum Plus wood pellets has been manufactured to Trusty Logs high-quality wood pellet specifications. The pellets themselves are light in colour & priced competitively make them a great purchase for a large proportion of pellet consumers.


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