Isle Of Oland Peat Briquettes 10kg pack.


10kg Pack of Isle Of Oland Peat Briquettes.

You will notice that peat is very aromatic when alight, and in fact many distilleries in Scotland use it to flavour malt barley. It has been calculated that a tonne of peat is equivalent in energy output to well over three cubic meters of dried firewood, so burnt alone or with our kiln dried logs, it is a very economical way to heat your home! Many people report that once they have found a reliable source of peat for sale, they switch to burning peat as their main fuel source.

Peat fuel will not burn with a bright long flame like heat logs or kiln dried logs. Instead, it will have a small ‘blue-orange’ flame, and glow – much like coal does. The heat that comes from peat is immense, so often people will burn just one or two peat briquettes at a time. If you require a bright flame in combination with the steady heat output the peat provides, a common method is to combine kiln dried logs with peat, or heat logs with peat.

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