Horse Bedding

The Pros of Wood Pellet Bedding


Wood pellets will absorb up to three times their own weight in liquid.

This figure was derived from independent testing, so may not be true of all pellets on the market.

Wood pellets are significantly more absorbent than most other types of bedding.


Another major plus of wood pellets is that when produced they are heated to a high temperature during the manufacturing. This means any potential bugs are killed off, before use.

Once made the beds don’t move about and moisture content is consistent unlike some other types of bedding. This means it is better for horses feet.

Another important benefit is that the that air quality is typically better than other types of bedding which is definitely beneficial from a respiratory point.

Saving In Cost To You

We offer bulk buying by the ton or half ton and as they are in dense 15kilo bags do not take up as much storage space as some more traditional types of bedding and once set up only needs topping up with one or two bags a week.

In fact their are reports of savings of up to 40% over a 12 month period.

Easy To Manage

Once you get the hang of it you will find it very easy to manage.

Typically you start with about 12 bags set them out slit them open and pour about half a bucket of water into each one. Then simply go for a cuppa and after say 30 to 40 minutes return and they will of swelled to about three times in size. You then simply tip them out and make a nice flat bed.

In the first week simply take poo out wet patches will drain to bottom and go hard. At end of week take out wet hard patches and replace with a new wet absorbed bag.

Simple and easy as that.

Time Saving

The wet patches in wood pellet bedding can be easily seen this means you do not need to scrabble around checking you can then remove them without the need to take the whole bed apart so will reduce mucking out time.

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